El Oasis Soacha Center is Ready for Community Service!

How in the world did we turn this…..

Image Before

into this….


Led by the 24 Member Rotary Club of Bogota Laureles, supported by three Districts and eight Rotary Clubs in the Southeastern US, Rotary has created a unique, safe community center in Soacha benefiting 250 children and creating community leaders through evening conflict resolution programs.

With a few finishing touches, El Oasis will provide a safe place for children.   Sister Luz Marina now has the keys!IMG_2198

How does a $325,000 project come together?  Passion, Skill, and Rotary Magic!  The driving force included (pictured below L-R) Rotarians Bernardo Martinez-Villalba (General Contractor), Alejendro Molino (Windows & Doors) and Udo Rungeler (Computers, Books and Furnishings).   What a team!

Bernardo Udo and Alejandro cropped

Bogota Laureles Rotarians focused on two years of fundraising during the design phase while Rotary District 7570 led the Rotary Global Grant application.  During construction, Bernardo, Alejandro and Udo applied their skills towards completing the building in just over 12 months — fantastic!  This seems like a long time ago…


As for the Rotary Magic – its the glue, the shared feeling of purpose that brings together Clubs across continents along with expert guidance from The Rotary Foundation staff.  That, and the magic of helping kids in Soacha already enjoying a meal at El Oasis:


Check out our July 23rd El Oasis video tour  HERE




Author: rotarianrichardray

Rotary District 7570 Governor 2017-18

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